555 East Memory Lane, Santa Ana, California 92706, United States

Non-Denominational Church

Bringing Healing & Restoration to Santa Ana & Orange County, California

Bringing Healing & Restoration to Santa Ana & Orange County, California

Bringing Healing & Restoration to Santa Ana & Orange County, CaliforniaBringing Healing & Restoration to Santa Ana & Orange County, CaliforniaBringing Healing & Restoration to Santa Ana & Orange County, California

About Us

Pastors Danny and Rachelle Casillas

Danny Casillas and Rachelle Casillas, Pastors, and Deliverance Ministers

Rachelle and Danny are called to transform and restore lives.   They are both very involved in the Orange County Community, helping families in crisis and brokenhearted souls.  Danny committed his life to the Lord and was ordained a Pastor in 2006. 

He is an example of God's miracle resurrection power.  While in his mother's womb he was pronounced dead, and by the power of prayer and God's mercy and goodness his Mother prayed the "Our Father" out loud and his heart started beating again.  He has gone through major transformation from being on the streets of Los Angeles and going through making numerous wrong decisions - to serving God and teaching the truth of Christ Jesus' power from the Bible.

Rachelle came alongside him when they got married in 2009 and after going through Ministry School  was ordained a Pastor.  She has had the call to reach the homeless, voiceless and broken-spirited since the age of 14.  She had a life-transforming trip to the Philippines islands where the Lord gave her a heart aching to help the families in crisis she encountered on the streets.  She also has a strong background with Business (having owned multiple businesses) and a love for creative arts - media, writing, music, modeling and acting.  She desires to impact women and mentor them in their personal dreams and goals.  Her heart is to teach Jesus Christ and disciple others to be a vessel of his love and truth in every day living.

They both move strongly in the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1Corinthians 12:1-11) including Prophecy and Healing.  They have an Apostolic calling,  earnestly seeking Revival, Personal Breakthrough and Region-Wide Transformation for Orange County & California.  

They both are originally from Northern California and were called by God to open a Ministry in Santa Ana.  Friday Night Services are held every week and welcome you to bring those who need a touch from the love and healing power of God.

Non Denominational Church


Ministries of Fire is a Non-Denominational Church.  It serves as a place for Believers who need a place of healing, restoration and love.  The ministry team is also equipped in moving in supernatural signs and wonders in setting people free from their chains of bondage such as depression and drug/alcohol addiction. (Mark 16:17).  

Mission and Vision:

Our Mission is to preach and teach the Bible and raise disciples in the supernatural power and love of Christ Jesus.  

Matthew 28:18:
"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

This is one of the numerous Deliverance Healing Rooms with the Apostolic Covering of Angela Greenig Ministries.   Elder Isabelle Barragan also covers this Ministry and moves strongly in the gifts of Deliverance and Healing.

Believers need a safe place to get healing and restoration - including those who have suffered from rejection, abuse, depression and oppression.  We are releasing an open heaven over Santa Ana and bringing God's supernatural healing power & love to reach every soul.

Join us on Fridays for worship, preaching and prayer at 7:30 pm (no childcare is provided).